Combine file information from multiple iso_files. By default all information is included but specific columns can be targeted using the select parameter, which uses the iso_select_file_info function to select and/or rename columns. File information beyond file_id, file_root, file_path and file_datetime is only available if the iso_files were read with parameter read_file_info=TRUE.

iso_get_file_info(iso_files, select = everything(),
  quiet = default(quiet))



collection of iso_file objects


which columns to select - use c(...) to select multiple, supports all select syntax including renaming columns. File id is always included and cannot be renamed.


whether to display (quiet=FALSE) or silence (quiet = TRUE) information messages. Set parameter to overwrite global defaults for this function or set global defaults with calls to iso_turn_info_message_on and iso_turn_info_message_off


File info entries with multiple values remain nested multi-value (=list) columns and can be unnested using unnest.

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