This function exports the passed in iso_files to the Python and R shared feather file format. The different kinds of data (raw data, file info, methods info, etc.) are exported to separate feather files that are saved with the provided filepath_prefix as prefix. All are only exported if the corresponding include_ parameter is set to TRUE and only for data types for which this type of data is available and was read (see iso_read_dual_inlet, iso_read_continuous_flow for details on read parameters). Note that in rare instances where vectorized data columns exist in the file information (e.g. measurement_info), they are concatenated with ', ' in feather output.

iso_export_to_feather(iso_files, filepath_prefix,
  include_raw_data = TRUE, include_file_info = TRUE,
  include_method_info = TRUE, include_vendor_data_table = TRUE,
  include_problems = TRUE, with_explicit_units = FALSE,
  quiet = default(quiet))



collection of iso_file objects


the path (folder and filename) prefix for the exported feather files. The correct suffix for different kinds of data and file extension is automatically added


whether to include the raw data in the export (if available)


whether to include the file info in the export (if available)


whether to include methods infor in the export (if available)


whether to include the vendor data table in the export (if available)


whether to include the problems table


whether to include units in the column headers instead of the column data types (see iso_double_with_units)


whether to display (quiet=FALSE) or silence (quiet = TRUE) information messages. Set parameter to overwrite global defaults for this function or set global defaults with calls to iso_turn_info_message_on and iso_turn_info_message_off


returns the iso_files object invisibly for use in pipelines

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