Rename individual file info columns (iso_get_file_info) within isofile objects. Works just like dplyr's rename except that it can rename different columns into the same name in different iso_files depending on what exists in each file. This is very useful when working with data from multiple instruments that may have the same information (e.g. sample name) stored in different columns. You can also use rename directly but it will not provide summary information on the operation. To select specific columns to keep (discarding all others), use iso_select_file_info instead.

iso_rename_file_info(iso_files, ..., quiet = default(quiet))



collection of iso_file objects


dplyr-style rename conditions applied based on each file's file_info (see iso_get_file_info)


whether to display (quiet=FALSE) or silence (quiet = TRUE) information messages. Set parameter to overwrite global defaults for this function or set global defaults with calls to iso_turn_info_message_on and iso_turn_info_message_off

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